Avec Moi was officially opened on April 11th, 2008. Tail of the Moon is basically your typical shoujo series. However, I created this fanlisting because of my fondness for the story line. Usagi is so sweet!

The site's title means "With Me" and I wanted it to represent the bond that Usagi and Hattori Hanzo share

The story takes place in the Tensho Era of Japan. Usagi is a bumbling ninja-in-training in her village in southern Iga. Since she is such a terrible ninja and has made no progress, though she is already fifteen, her grandfather gives her a special mission: to go to Segachi and marry Hanzo Hattori, the leader of the main branch ninja family, and bear his child. Mamezo, Usagi's longtime friend and companion, accompanies her on her trip to Segachi. Once they arrive it becomes apparent that Hanzo has no intention of marrying anyone, and worse yet, it seems Usagi has a much more refined rival. It is clear that as Usagi spends more time with Hanzo, she is growing on him, though the fact that he is constantly bombarded with new potential brides makes Usagi self-conscious. -Wikipedia

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